If You Want a Taste of Today's Italian Music Check out Jovanotti's new CD "Ora"

Posted on: August 30, 2011

My drive to and from work these days is spent exploring the latest in Italian music: Ora by Jovanotti, that's his stage name. His real Lorenzo Cherubini. He's been around for a while and has some great hits which have become synonymous with 21st century Italian musical culture: A Te is one such song.

Jovanotti is somewhat unique in Italy in that he can perform beautiful romantic ballads in the greatest tradition of Italian music: think Gianni Morandi, while at the same time rapping with the best of them: yes, I mean rap as in Kanye West, Jay-z.

Ora brings together both of these skills in one very entertaining package. Obviously, for a middle aged person such as myself I gravitate toward the romantic, quieter pieces on this album. "Le Tasche Piene Di Sassi" is by far my favourite of these: a song about longing and the pain that comes with missing the one's you love. You can listen to it here: http://www.musictory.it/musica/Jovanotti/Le+Tasche+Piene+Di+Sassi. In a similar vain is "L'Elemento Umano", a song about our place in the universe and what it means to be human in the modern world - http://www.musictory.it/musica/Jovanotti/L%27elemento+Umano.

There are a few uplifting and upbeat songs that remind me of a picnic on a splendid sunny day: La Bella Vita, La Festa Infinita, and Sul Lumgomare Del Mondo.

The biggest hit playing everywhere in Italy is the love song / anthem: Il Piu Grande Spettacolo Dopo Il Big Bang - a tribute to the greatness of the love between the singer and his lover. It chock full of many pop cultural references and fun to listen to.

And finally, the rap is everywhere. It has it's own Italian sensibility but at it's core it can go toe to toe with the best of the Americans in this genre: Good examples are: Megamix, Io Danzo, and La Medicina. These songs are sure to be enjoyed by the younger crowd and the young at heart.

For those of you who love music and are open to exploring diverse genres then this is a good record for you. Jovanotti is a unique artist who is a favourite of a multi-generational audience.


Charles Criminisi