Greetings From the Festitalia Chairperson 2014

As we embark on our 39th festival year, it brings me great pleasure to assume the role of Festitalia Chairperson for the next two years. The theme I have chosen during my term as Chair, is “Festitalia Embraces Hamilton”. I believe this theme fits with the vision of Festitalia as different communities have contributed to making Hamilton the successful city it is. The Italian community has played an integral part in building this city and continues to make a positive impact.

Festitalia’s mission is to  share the traditions of Italy through fashion (la Moda), film (il Cinema), food (la Cucina), music (la Musica) as well as Italian culture within the months of June, which has been designated Italian Heritage Month, and September, for the annual festival celebration.

The dedicated volunteers that make up the Festitalia Board of Directors are excited to plan the many varied events that will bring the tastes, sounds and passion of Italy to the Hamilton Community. As the daughter of Italian immigrants, I am grateful that my grandparents chose to settle in Hamilton. In doing so, they knew that it would provide their family with many opportunities that they didn’t have growing up in the regions of Molise and Lazio. I am truly proud to say that I love this city and will continue in my efforts to make it a better place for all future generations; including my own children. We welcome you to join us in celebrating the Italian culture that is a significant part of this great City of Hamilton.

Please join us as “Festitalia Embraces Hamilton” during our 39th Festival year.

Maria Motschman